Revelations Cover.png

The Revelations

by The Revelations

The self-titled and only album from the Sot-Folk powerhouse, The Revelations.  Led by Chris Thon and Ryan Harrington, the band sought to make good music and drink even better booze.  With Joe Gunderson, Matt Smith and Zach Halmstad rounding out the lineup, the band became a staple the bountiful late 90s, early 00s Eau Claire music scene.

The album's final track, Avoiding My Friends, is the only non-original song on the album.  The song was "won" in a game of foosball from Smack Davis singer/songwriter Kyle Skarich.  When the Revelations disbanded, performance rights returned to Smack Davis. Performances from Smack Davis, Ryan Harrington (in Germany) and FM Down have also been documented.  Click through the links to enjoy