Please let us know who you are, who you're with, how to get in touch, etc so if there are any questions we can communicate. Also, list the equipment you'll be bringing to the show. We don't need to know makes/models but knowing what you're bringing and how many channels you need is a big help to having a successful show.

    Contact Name *
    Contact Name
    Input Information
    Kick, Snare, # of toms, etc. List individual drums but don't worry about cymbals. Make sure to include aux snare drum, electronics and if you are triggering, let us know how many lines youre sending.
    (Bass, 2 guitars, stereo rhythm, acoustic, etc)
    (two mono, one stereo, XLR out of mixer, 1/4" from amp, etc)
    (3 across the front, front center & drums, etc)