Input Lists

Consider this "Input Lists 101."  If you're part of a band who hasn't put one together before, this page is for you.  For those of you who have been around the block a few times, just remember the good old days...

Knowing what you need for your performance really helps make things flow easier on show day.  If a band can provide an input list or stage plot, it not only lets us know what to expect but it helps things flow much smoother when we're dealing with multiple-band bills.

If you don't have an input list, feel free to submit one through the page set up for it here.  If you already have one, you can send it to us here.

Here's a sample of a typical, basic input list:

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. Overhead
  4. Djembe
  5. Bass
  6. Electric Guitar
  7. Acoustic Guitar
  8. Keys
  9. Vocal
  10. Vocal



You can get a little more elaborate if you'd like:

  1. Kick Drum / Beta 52 / Short Boom
  2. Snare Drum / SM57 / Short Boom
  3. HiHat / SM81
  4. Rack Tom / 604
  5. Floor Tom / 604
  6. Overhead / KSM32 / Tall Boom
  7. Overhear / KSM32 / Tall Boom
  8. Bass / Direct Out XLR
  9. Guitar / Mic / SM57
  10. Key-L / Direct Out 1/4"
  11. Key-R / Direct Out 1/4"
  12. Lead Vocal / Beta57 / Straight Stand
  13. Guitar Vocal / Beta57 / Tall Boom
  14. Drum Vocal / Beta57 / Tall Boom

The sky is the limit on the amount of detail you can include on an input list but the general goal is to communicate your needs.  Please remember that you're responsible for your own equipment.  Production companies in general don't provide personal items like guitar cables, picks, tuners, extra strings, drum rugs, drum keys, etc.

Stage Plots

The purpose of a stage plot is to let us know where vocals, electrical drops, monitors and other elements need to be situated.  If your band already has one, you can share it with us here.  If you don't have a graphics program available, you can draw it out on paper and snap a photo.  Otherwise, there are numerous applications for iPads, Macs & Windows machines.

Here are a few examples.

The first one is rather simple but gets across the basic information:

Simple Plot.jpg

 The next one is much more detailed and contains an input list as well:

combo plot.jpg

 The last one is the infamous 'napkin' model but, still gets the idea across:

sloppy plot.jpg