For those of you who don't know me, I spent a LONG time in radio.   Just shy of 30 years when I decided I needed a little change.  During my tenure in the biz I worked both on mic as an announcer and off mic as an engineer and IT Manager. When it was evident that radio was taking a turn away from local and we all saw the elimination of voices that lived in the same town as the listeners, I decided I needed to beef up my chops in other areas of the business and the digital world seemed like the best choice.  Being someone who prefers to work behind the curtains, it was a good direction to go.  I had always played around with graphics & layouts, designed a few logos, etc.  so I figured I decided to get out from behind the mic and my tool-box and start learning more.

I started taking care of the radio station website that I worked on and soon that transitioned into two, three and eventually all 8 of the Eau Claire market sites.  It just came natural.  I had a lot to learn but it seemed to agree with me.  Then when my sound company needed an avenue to communicate input lists and stage plots with bands, I decided to build a website.  That site turned into another, which led to another, and then more.  Now I've been helping people build sites and sometimes, still take care of them.

I'm no superstar at this, the sites aren't overly flashy and loaded with animations.  They're mostly for people who want to have a presence but don't want to go broke doing so.

Here's a list of the ones I currently do.